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Fire damage cleaning and restoration

We’re fast, affordable and effective. If your home or commercial property has been damaged by the effects of fire, smoke and fire extinguishing, call now to get a free no-obligation quote. We aim to be with you within two hours. And we also provide a full inventory of damaged items for your insurer.

Fire damage restoration: the process
This is what you can expect from us:
  • We carry out a full survey to ascertain levels of damage and the work required to clean and restore your fire-damaged property.
  • We rescue items liable to be degraded by continued exposure to acidic smoke residues, removing valuables to a safe and secure storage environment.
  • Determine the type of smoke, because this has implications for how we clean your property.
  • Supply a full survey report to the you (the property owner) or the insurer.
  • If the property is of an age where there might be asbestos in the plaster or thermoplastic tiles, we automatically do an asbestos test. If there is asbestos present, we arrange for it to be removed from the property before our work begins.
Call now for a free no-obligation quote