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Flood damage restoration and cleaning

We’re a family business, and we’re here to help you. We know that experiencing a flood is traumatic. That’s why we respond quickly and begin the process of restoring your property so you can get back to normal life. We also provide a detailed inventory of damaged goods, which will help you submit your insurance claim.

Flood damage restoration: the process

  • Flooding requires urgent response. That’s why we aim to be with you within 2 hours.
  • Many flooded properties require an electrician to inspect the safety of the electrical installations.
  • We act to save “at risk” and high value items (especially personal effects such as cherished family photos and film).
  • We assess the risk related to the flood water (i.e. is it clean water from a burst pipe or water contaminated by exposure to chemicals or sewage?) – this will guide our next steps. One advantage of using Apollo for flood cleaning operations is our van-mounted water extraction units – able to remove every last drop of standing water.
  • Typically we remove carpet and underlay (unless restorable), apply biocides to reduce the risk of mould-borne illness, install drying equipment (refrigerant dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers and air movers). We take detailed readings of moisture levels and work out a drying plan based on our readings. We revisit the property on a weekly basis until we are able to issue a Certificate of Drying.
  • If the property is of an age where there might be asbestos in the plaster or thermoplastic tiles, we automatically do an asbestos test. If there is asbestos present, we arrange removal from the property before work begins.
  • We then hand the dry property back to your own builders, or you may wish to use our competent building partners to carry out redecoration, kitchen re-fits or other work required.

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